In a couple of short years, Ajay has guided and added snaps to life.

With a foundation in business stills photography, Ajay Prakash began his vocation with setting up a contemporary, hint style of Photography that joins an instinctive, narrative look with a profoundly true to life clean.

He has developed as a standout amongst the most powerful wedding photographers of the Northern area acquiring the compelling passionate feeling of style with Indian culture. He has built up a capable inventive and business constrain with himself.

Photos have the solid components of our recollections and Ajay has the ability to transport the watchers into an immortal world.

With the energy of Fashion, culture and a happening to ages realistic vision his snap meets contemporary style of Photography. Famous for his inventiveness, he not just can catch characteristic enchantment on a big day yet he makes enchantment of his own. His affection and compassion for individuals makes intense visual narrating. With the inborn capacity to make everybody look and feel wonderful before his camera, Ajay's pictures are frequently basic yet a mind boggling mix of soul, show, creative ability and specialized expertise. Regardless of whether he is shooting a fabulousness session, way of life picture or a boudoir delight, Ajay can draw out the best in any circumstance.

Ajay Parkash is totally a self-trained photographer. In spite of the fact that his mark style is conspicuous, Ajay has reevaluated himself endless circumstances over the 8 years he has been shooting professionally. He has been depicted as typically flighty. Exactly when you think his work has achieved its points of confinement he astonishes you with yet another reevaluation. His pictures and recordings have graced a different number of weddings and Music recordings. He keeps on raising the benchmark of magnificence as a craftsman who is appreciated and regarded by his companions and adored by his customers.

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